Material Master Governance, Plant Maintenance/Asset Management, and Inventory Analysis and Optimization are key components of efficiently managing and tracking spares data. Vendor-based activities play a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations and effective inventory control.

A noun modifier and attribute-based software system that facilitates workflow-based request and creation process. Offers intuitive/varied search options and seamless integration with ERP systems.

Case Study – eNOMCAT

Manages industrial assets (plant and equipment) data, by enabling users to handle creation, transfer, tracking, planning, maintenance, and monitoring throughout the asset lifecycle.

Case Study – EAM Implementation

The SPT-Spare Parts Tracking & Vendor Portal, helps manage and monitor spares inventory – from procurement to storage in warehouses and related issues. The Vendor Portal captures and manages all activities (from initiation and registration to PO releasing, vendor notifications, ASN, and delivery challan).

Efficiently manages inventory by analyzing (moving/non-moving) items, performs ABC, FSN, and VED analysis, and recommends optimal inventory levels (MIN, MAX, ROL, ROW).

Case Study – Inventory Optimization (PRISM)