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ERP Support Services

Outsource your business processes to Hofinsoft for efficient governance and timely completion of master data tasks for materials, services, vendors, and customers.

Restructuring Master data to new ERP being implemented

For implementing a new ERP system, review and update existing master data (materials, services, vendors, customers, and plant maintenance/CMMS). Restructure and amend available data as needed, and create new master data if necessary.

EPC handover assistance

From scratch, prepare materials, plant maintenance/CMMS/asset master data in accordance with the EPC’s ERP structure and requirements.

Functional assitance during ERP implementation

Provide manpower support during ERP implementation for data preparation or qualification checks on data prepared by the client’s team. Assist the client’s team in discussions with the ERP implementing company. Aid in data migration and prepare MSS (Master Specification Sheet) and MJP (Master Job Plan).